Lowongan Batam Terbaru PT Excelitas Technologies Batam

Test Engineering

Tanggung Jawab:
  1. Hands on Test Process Related Projects, All projects types; New Test System/ Test Method, Tester MSA, Test System
  2. Responsible to improve testing related yields
  3. Obligate to conduct Failure Analysis on low yield products
  4. Support / execute any NPI related test projects
Syarat :
  1. Bachelor Degree (S1) from Electrical Engineering or Engineering Physic.
  2. Software proficiency:
  3. Low level programming and ladder, Textprogramming, C (or C++), Visual Basic
  4. High level programming : user interface/HMI, LabView, C-Sub, etc. •
  5. Modelling/Simulation tool for electrical schematic: Proteus, Pro-E, MATLAB, etc.
  6. Experience tester/handler system or involvement in product testing projectsis an added value.
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